Our company has proceeded to the production and certification of underground waste containers of capacity 3000 liters, 4000 liters and 5000 liters. This waste collection system, is more environment-friendly system because no odor to the environment is released or refuse is put on ground.

The body of the bin is in ground, whereas the top of it which is placed on the pavement is covered with anti-slip material which makes it easier for pedestrians to pass over it and stand on it in order to throw the material through the opening into the bin.

The lower part of the bin consists of two doors that are designed in such a way so they hold a significant amount of liquid produced from the waste and do not allow it to fall in the environment and keep it there during the unloading procedure until the bin is emptied in the specially designed refuse truck.

Panaos Ltd is leader in the market of truck body manufacturing in Cyprus and supplying private and public sector with specialized trucks including firefighting vehicles, refuse collector vehicles, water tanks and tipper bodies.

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