We have proceeded to the production of the newest lifting system mounted on refuse trucks, dedicated for the collection of underground refuse bins.

This is the crane which is placed on top of the refuse collection vehicle’s body.

Our crane can rotate 400 degrees and can collect waste at an angle of 300 degrees from its slewing point and put it in the specially designed extended hopper of the refuse truck. Has the ability to lift 1200 Kg to 6.80 meters and 2000 Kg at 8.0 meters according to the model selected.

Can lift and empty the bin with a car parked at the side of the bin.

The crane’s system is equipped with an additional extension for the hopper in order to increase the volume of the hopper and able it to hold all the waste placed in the bigger underground bin.

All the movements related to the crane and vehicle, are radio controlled.

Panaos Ltd is leader in the market of truck body manufacturing in Cyprus and supplying private and public sector with specialized trucks including firefighting vehicles, refuse collector vehicles, water tanks and tipper bodies.

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